What Is A Reverse Job Fair?

Traditional career or job fairs can be helpful, but if you’ve ever been to one as a job-seeker, you probably felt like it could have been better. For applicants, it may have been frustrating waiting in line to talk to a particular employer only to be rushed along because of the line behind you. It’s your responsibility to create a lasting first impression, but how memorable can you be in the middle of a line.

It can be just as challenging for employers. Just when you meet a promising candidate and want to establish rapport, another large group walks up. You wonder, “Am I going to lose this candidate to a competitor on the bad luck that they are here when I have a crowd?” You also have to wonder if candidates are skipping your table because a competitor’s has a better display.

Contrast this with the Nassau County Reverse Job Fair that puts the candidates at the center of the event. Nassau County’s “Shotgun Start” format helps alleviate the crowding. Job seekers can get resume help and other tips prior to the event, and by having employers come to them, the playing field between introverts and extroverts is more leveled. Best of all, by having both job seekers and employers pre-register, our staff is able to focus recruiting efforts to match the two.

We’re setting this event up for outcomes. We want our students and our residents to land their next job on May 19th. And we want our local employers to find quality candidates.

While we advocate higher learning, we aren’t inviting colleges and trade schools. This isn’t for multi-level marketing folks or recruiting agencies either. This event is specifically focused on employment outcomes, and designed to benefit our community.

If you live in Nassau County and you’re looking for a job, or if you’re with a business looking to hire top talent, I look forward to seeing you at the Nassau County Reverse Job Fair on May 19th, at the Lewis “Red” Bean Nassau Career Center at the FSCJ Campus in Yulee. Register here today!