Who Can Participate?


The Nassau Reverse Job Fair on May 6, 2022, is open to all Nassau County students.  Anyone interested in finding a job should register now for this free event and reserve your spot here.  We welcome all of the following:

  • High School Students looking for summer jobs, full or part time work.


Any employer whose place of business is locate within a reasonable commute of Nassau County is welcomed to participate. There is no cost, but you must preregister in order to attend.

You may not participate if you represent a…

  • Multi-level Marketing Business
  • Educational Institution
    While the Nassau County School District supports higher education, educational institutions will not be admitted. We have college fairs for this purpose and do not wish to dilute the employment focus on this event.
  • Recruiting Service
    We invite recruiting services to register their information and will provide their contact information to job seekers that request it. Because we want this event to be as valuable as possible for our local employers, only they will be permitted to meet with candidates.